Grand Cru Glasschale medium von Rosendahl 1 Stück (transparent)

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Grand Cru Glasschale medium von Rosendahl 1 Stück

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Glasschale aus der bekannten Grand Cru Serie der dänischen Designerfirma Rosendahl Copenhagen.

Diese mittelgroße Glasschale ist praktisch und eignet sich für viele Zwecke. Verwenden Sie sie zum Servieren von Salat oder anderen Beilagen, als Rührschüssel in der Küche oder als Obstschale in der Stube. Das schlichte Design der Grand Cru-Serie schafft eine gute langlebige Grundlage in der Küche und lässt sich leicht mit anderem Geschirr kombinieren.Produktinfo: Bleifreies Glas

Durchmesser ca. 20 cm

Die Glasschalen gibt es separat noch mit 15cm (4er Set) und 24 cm Durchmesser.

Glass Bowl 20cm diameter 1 p.
- design for various purposes Erik Baggers glass bowls with their angled sides and grooves coordinates perfectly with Erik Baggers other Grand Cru products and adds style to any table setting. The bowls are multi functional with their unusual diagonal shape and can be used for soup, chips, candy, desserts, salads any number of things.

They take up very little space in the cupboard, particularly as they can be stacked one on top of another. The glass bowls are available in two sizes. A small bowl with a diameter of 15 cm and which is packed in a set of four, and a medium / large bowl, with a diameter of 20/24 cm. (optional)

The glass bowl is made from glass without lead.

About the designer Erik Bagger
Erik Bagger (b. 1949) is originally a goldsmith by trade. After finishing his apprenticeship, he was employed by Georg Jensen, where he worked until he became self-employed. As a goldsmith, Erik Bagger acquired a keen sense of detail, which is still characteristic in his designs today. At the same time he has learned that it is possible to combine a series of different materials in a unified whole. A visit to USA was the reason Erik Bagger decided to become a freelance designer in 1987. However, it was also because that he could see the endless opportunites presented by the combination of steel, plastic and rubber. And something that is typical Erik Bagger was that he was also able to see the humor in using these materials. Some, and perhaps the majority of people, view rubber, plastic and steel as symbols of a cold and industrialized world. But when these materials have been through the hands of Erik Bagger, a warm and user friendly product, with a sparkle in the eye, is produced. Erik Bagger has the following demands on the design: Maximum value in the design Maximum quality Maximum functionality For if the product does not have these three qualities, it wont bear the name of Erik Bagger.
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